Do appearances of x-rays in individuals with hip or knee OA predict time to joint replacement?

It is not clear how well OA changes on x-ray correlate to the severity of the disease process, hence predict time to joint replacement. It has been documented that an individual’s description of hip or knee OA pain is not necessarily reflected in x-ray appearances. A hip or knee joint replacement could have therefore been performed as a result of OA pain interfering with function and not because of severe OA changes reported on x-ray. Moreover, there are no fixed criteria for grading OA severity based on x-ray appearances. This new study looks at x-rays of individuals with OA. A comparison between 2 well known x-ray grading criteria for hip and knee OA and the individuals who actually proceeded to have joint replacement is currently performed.


Gillian Hawker, Jean-Francis Maillefert


Last modified: June 10, 2007