Impact of Vioxx® Recall

The recall of Vioxx® from the market has created concern for many individuals who were using this medication to treat their arthritis pain. We recently interviewed individuals with arthritis by telephone to find out how they were made aware of the recall, who they spoke to regarding their Vioxx® concerns and what impact the recall of this medication has had on their pain management.

Most participants had heard about the recall through the media, particularly newspapers. Almost one-third had used Vioxx® and approximately 10% were using this medication at the time it was recalled from the market. The recall of Vioxx® has influenced attitudes towards the use of pain medications – one fifth of subjects told us that they are more fearful of the use of pain medications. We will continue to document the impact of this recall on OA management in the future.


Gillian Hawker (PI)


Annette Wilkins, Angela Wall, Shirley Griffin, Lucy Frankel


  • Hawker GA, Katz JN, Solomon DH. The patient’s perspective on the recall of Vioxx. J Rheumatol 2006; 33(6):1082-8.