The Relationship Between Persistent Back Problems and Osteoarthritis

Studies show that osteoarthritis (OA) and back problems are significant causes of pain and disability, but few authors have specifically looked at the impact of the association between back pain and lower limb OA. Clinical studies estimate half of all knee OA and hip/knee OA sufferers also experience back pain, but it is often difficult to distinguish between symptoms resulting from lower back and hip sources of pain. Until now, no one has performed a population-based study to determine the relative risk of persistent back or neck problems at predicting severity of knee/hip OA pain and disability. Using data from the population-based cohort that Dr. Hawker and her team have been following for many years, this study, conducted by MSc candidate and chiropractor Maja Stupar, will seek to determine if persistent back or neck problems are associated with more severe pain, stiffness and/or limitation of physical functioning in individuals with hip/knee OA.


Gillian Hawker


Maja Stupar


  • Stupar M, Coté P, French MR, Hawker GA. The relationship between back problems and a disease-specific measure of pain and functional limitations in individuals with osteoarthritis. Poster Presentation at the 2007 Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) World Congress on Osteoarthritis; Dec. 6-9 2007, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Last modified: June 13, 2008