Brian Murray, MD FRCP(C) D,ABSM

Brian J. Murray
Assistant Professor,
University of Toronto,
Department of Medicine,
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Brian J. Murray is assistant professor at the University of Toronto in medicine/neurology and Director of Clinical Neurophysiology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He also has a scientific appointment at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI). Murray completed his undergraduate medical training at University of Toronto and his neurology residency training at Harvard University. He has completed fellowships in Neurophysiology and Sleep Medicine and has board certification in both Neurology and Sleep Medicine.

Murray is developing a clinical, teaching and research program in sleep disorders at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He won the Peters Boyd Academy teaching award for medical school tutoring in 2002 and the Department of Medicine Young Teacher Award in 2004.

His major clinical and research interests are in neurological aspects of sleep medicine, and the relationship between sleep and behaviour. He has been studying sleep quality, and daytime sleepiness in people who suffer from chronic medical conditions including osteoarthritis. He recently has completed sleep surveys of patients with multiple sclerosis where fatigue is a prominent patient concern. He has also studied over 200 pregnant women exploring the relationships between sleep disruption and postpartum depression. An ongoing study is looking at the effects of sleep deprivation in surgical resident trainees. He is also beginning work that explores the relationship between post-stroke sleep disruption/fatigue and rehabilitation. Murray is currently designing a survey instrument to assess sleep quality, and sleepiness in people with osteoarthritis.

Selected Publications

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  • Murray BJ, Matheson J, Scammell T. Effects of vagus nerve stimulation on respiration during sleep: A pilot study. Neurology. 2001; 57:1523-1524.

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