Nizar Mahomed, MD, MPH, ScD

Nizar Mahomed
Smith & Nephew Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (MHA) Program,
University Health Network

Nizar Mahomed is a health services researcher and orthopaedic surgeon. He is the Director of the Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (MHA) Program and the Lower Extremity Arthritis Program (LEAP) at the University Health Network (UHN).

Mahomed’s research focuses on evaluating outcomes of interventions for lower extremity arthritis in order to determine the best model for delivery of healthcare. His expertise in evaluating outcomes of total joint replacement (TJR) surgery has helped shape health policy decisions regarding the efficient allocation of resources as well as the future development of innovative community health programs and improved service delivery. He is leading the Toronto Joint Network to help implement an integrated model of care for joint replacement surgery in Toronto.

Telephone: 416-603-5328

Selected Publications

  • Shipton D, Badley E, Mahomed N. Critical shortage of orthopaedic services in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 2003; 85-A: 1710-1715.
  • Phillips CB, Barrett JA, Losina E, Mahomed NN, Lingard EA, Guadagnoli E, Baron JA, Harris WH, Poss R, Katz JN. Trends in incidence rates of dislocation, pulmonary embolism and deep hip infection during the first six months after elective total hip replacement. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 2003; 85:20-26.
  • Mahomed NN, Barrett JA, Katz JN, Phillips CB, Losina E, Lew RA, Guadagnoli E, Harris WH, Poss R, Baron JA. Rates and outcomes of primary and revision total hip replacement in the United States Medicare population. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 2003; 85:27-32.
  • Katz JN, Phillips CB, Baron JA, Fossel AH, Mahomed NN, Lingard EA, Harris WH, Poss R, Lew R, Guadagnoli E, Wright EA, Losina E. Association of hospital and surgeon volume of total hip replacement with functional status and satisfaction three years following surgery. Arthritis & Rheumatism. 2003; 48(2): 506-508.
  • Fortin PR, Penrod JR, Clarke AE, St-Pierre Y, Joseph L, Belisle P, Liang MH, Ferland D, Phillips CB, Mahomed NN, Tanzer M, Sledge C, Fossel AH, Katz JN. Timing for total joint replacement affects patient outcomes. Arthritis and Rheumatism. 2002; 46(12):3327-30.

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