Aileen Davis, PhD

Aileen Davis
Senior Scientist, Outcomes and Population Health,
Toronto Western Research Institute
399 Bathurst Street - MP11-322
Toronto, ON M5T 2S8

Aileen Davis is a Senior Scientist, Outcomes and Population Health at the Toronto Western Research Institute. She trained as a physiotherapist and clinical epidemiologist and received her PhD from the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on various aspects of patient evaluation and outcomes in oncology and arthritis.

Davis is also Associate Professor, Departments of Physical Therapy and Surgery and the Graduate Departments of Rehabilitation Science, Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (Clinical Epidemiology) and Institute of Medical Science (IMS) at the University of Toronto.

Telephone: 416-603-5543

Selected Publications

  • Gerrand CH, Bell RS, Wunder JS, Kandel RA, O’Sullivan B, Catton CN, Griffin AM, Davis AM. The influence of anatomical location on outcome in extremity soft tissue sarcoma. Cancer. 2003;97(2): 485-492.
  • Brown A, Parsons JA, Martino C, Griffin A, Bell RS, Wunder JS, Davis AM. Work status following distal femoral Kotz reconstruction for malignant tumors of bone. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2003; 84(1): 62-68.
  • Brown GT, Rodger S, Davis AM. Test of visual perceptual skills-revised: A review and critique. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy. 2003;10: 3-15.
  • Brown GT, Rodger S, Davis AM. Motor-free visual perception test-revised: A review and critique. British Journal of Occupational Therapy. 2003;66(4): 159-167.
  • Gross AE, Aubin P, Cheah HK, Davis AM, Ghazavi MT. A fresh osteochondral allograft alternative. Journal of Arthroplasty. 2002; 17(4 Suppl 1):50-53.
  • Davis AM, O’Sullivan B, Bell RS, Turcotte R, Catton CN, Wunder JS, Chabot P, Hammond A, Benk V, Isler M, Freeman C, Goddard K, Bezjak A, Sadura A, Day A, James K, Tu D, Pater J, Zee B. Function and health status outcomes in a randomized trial comparing pre-operative and post-operative radiotherapy in extremity soft tissue sarcoma. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2002; 20(22): 4472-4477.
  • Figueredo A, Bramwell VHC, Bell R, Davis AM, Charette ML and Members of the Cancer Care Ontario Practice Guidelines Initiative Sarcoma Disease Site Group. Adjuvant chemotherapy following complete resection of soft tissue sarcoma in adults: A clinical practice guideline. Sarcoma. 2002;6: 5-18.

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